Facade sealing

NovoProof® sealing products are made of unique high performance EPDM rubber compounds. NovoProof® sheets and membranes can be outfitted with window profiles that enable a 100-percent connection security between windows and facades. Energy resources benefit from this improved sealing technique which reduces pollution and energy costs. Our waterproofing membranes with custom-fit molded parts for connections and closures as well as our modern adhesive systems are the favourite choice for multi-skin facades.
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NovoProof ® FA/ FA-self

Facade sealing sheet made of vapour-diffusive EPDM, durably windproof and waterproof. FA-self - the self-adhered version of NovoProof® FA.
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NovoProof ® FAI/ FAI-self

Facade sealing sheet made of water vapour tight butyl rubber. FAI-self - the self-adhered version of NovoProof® FAI.
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NovoProof ® KE

Facade rubber strips welded with profiles, creating lasting and elastic connection between windows and facades.
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Molded parts, adhesive (FA, FA plus, FA Spezial, TA), connection paste
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